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Summer Winds Condominiums, Inc

Summers Services, Inc.

1505 Salter Path Road

Atlantic Beach, NC  28512




These rules and regulations are designed to make visiting Summer Winds a pleasant and comfortable experience.  While vacationing within a private community such as Summer Winds, each of us not only has certain rights, but also, certain obligations to other guests.  We must remember that the restrictions we impose are for everyone's mutual benefit and comfort.  The following rules do not supersede the Condominium Documents or any other legal obligation of the owners of Summer Winds.


It would be appreciated if any notice of violations would be directed to Summer Winds General Manager and not to the Board of Directors or Officers of Summer Winds.  If the General Manager is unable to correct the violation, it may then be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors for assistance in making the necessary corrections.


These rules and regulations are kept simple and it is hoped they will suffice for comfortable and compatible vacationing.  If found necessary, they may be changed from time to time.


Thank you for visiting Summer Winds.

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